Working at FourOne

About working at FourOne

Rikard - Solution architect

It is always Friday. The weeks at FourOne passes very quickly, and it feels like it's Friday every day. A stimulating work in a pleasant environment makes it fun to go to work, and there is no longer a thing called Monday tiredness. A normal work week for me includes customer visits, a couple of telephone meetings, some internal meetings, and the rest of the time; work at the office. No week is ever the same as the other.

Rolf - Application consultant & CEO

At FourOne we work in teams. You never need be alone with a problem. I believe in continuous learning and therefore offers major opportunities for skills development. We are privileged to be working with a fantastic product, and interesting customers.

Kristina - System developer

My work is very diverse. You get to see many different activities, ranging from towing of vehicles to the sales of furnitures. I learn new things every day and it is important to keep up with the development of Dynamics AX. Teamwork is important as we work together in most projects.


All employees at FourOne conducts regular certifications in Dynamics AX. Overall, we have completed more than 30 certifications in various fields and releases.