AIF – Wrong field ID in the key data container in entity key

@SYS92355 = “Wrong field ID in the key data container in entity key”

This error message from the AIF in AX4sp2 did give me some headache today..

Finally I solved it. I was about to export a SalesOrder with both header and lines, but I did put my sendElectronically method in the SalesLine table, *not* in SalesTable table.. So when executed I never got the correct keys. The query I used for the axd wizard was based on SalesTable first, and THEN SalesLine..

Might help someone else with the same or similar problem!

Preparation for Dynamics AX certifications

I am currently studying to complete the Enterprise portal development certification exam. Today I found this link that describes the different parts of the exam. Anyone who have taken one of these exams before knows that you get your result for the entire exam but also for each of the exam parts. That is what this link gives you, an overview of the different parts and what subjects each part contains.

Microsoft learning manager.

You also get such information as what percentage each part is of the entire exam, which makes it easier to prioritize your studying in case of time restraints.

Send alerts/messages to online users

In Axapta 3.x there is a functionality that lets you send messages to online users. This functionality is lost in Dynamics AX 4.x which is a problem when you want an easy way to communicate with the online users. Maybe you want the users to know that that the AOS is going to be restarted at a specific time and as a result they should save their work and log out before this happens.

I’ve looked around the web and have found some examples on how to create these notifications, but none that worked all the way without a visit to the debugger. Tired of not having access to this functionality I decided to build it, and this is the result.

As the base I am using the alerts functionality in Dynamics AX 4.0.
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How to colour code different companies inside axapta

During development and test we often switch between different companies in our installation. To not mistaken us, so we always make changes in the correct one, we made this small change in the code. With different background-colours for each company, you never delete something importent by mistake. This example shows how it could be done.
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How to catch special keystrokes and use them as shortcuts

Rightclick on a form and go down tracking a specific field or other data, is a tedious work if you do it dozens of times per day.

We wanted to catch the key combination ctrl+Z (since it is rarelly used when running axapta), so we could use it to display common data about a form, field or other info. This is a code example we nowdays always install in all new test and development environments (not production, since it would give normal users unwanted access).
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