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Returned item bug

I have only tested this i Dynamics AX SP2, but I would guess that this is also a problem in SP1.

When registering a Sales Order of the type “Returned item”, there are some validations and other functionality that apply. To start with you get an auto generated RMA number. There is also not possible to enter a positive quantity on the order lines, because that would defeat the purpose of the Sales type “Returned item”. The customer is supposed to get money back, not pay the items price again when returning it.

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How to extend your editor in Axapta

The editor in Axapta is as easy to extend as the rest environment. If you check the class EditorScripts, you see a list of methods which is standard. In this example we add a little script which marks your inputed extra code. We always mark all added or changed code, to make it easier to see afterwards what’s added and what’s standard. By doing this it is also makes it very easy to search for all code related to a certain project. This code is an example of what we all use several times a day.
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Found this blog entry made by Kamal. The entry explains how to use the SysInfoAction classes. I played around with this classes and found out that you can get pretty specific when referring the user to the source of the info message.

This is a simple job that produces an info box that gives the user the option to open a form and edit a specific field on a specific record:
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Copy data between companies

I have recently done some modifications that required certain data that was very time demanding to enter manually in Dynamics Ax. This data was also needed in a number of different companies which meant that I had to enter this data several times.

Because I’m against all that is time consuming I created a script that only require that I enter my data once and then lets me copy this data to the other companies.
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Using CacheAddMethod

When working in forms and using display methods, sometimes they have a tendency to slow down the form to the degree that makes you wonder if it’s worth it at all. This is when cacheAddMethod comes in handy.

When using cacheAddMethod we place the method in memory, the effect of this is that the method only runs once when the form loads and then every time we switch between records. This instead of display methods normal behavior, which means it runs every time all the time.

For the cacheAddMethod to do what it’s supposed to we need it to run when the form starts up. If we have created the display method “OurTestMethod” on table SalesTable we want to place the call to cacheAddMethod in the init method on the form datasource SalesTable.
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